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still grieving this morning after the death of the baby panda cub. he's got green, and it's going to be all the way! >> the bengals weren't ready to let the redskins celebrate a win in rg3's first home game. what a tough loss. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today" on this monday, september 24th, 2012. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 57 degrees outside our studios. much cooler in some places. storm team 4's veronica johnson in for tom this week. bundle up, right? >> this all came in over the weekend. saturday was the warm day over the weekend. sunday the cool air came in, just in time as fall had arrived. actually arrived on saturday. >> good timing. >> our first cool day was sunday. great timing. mother nature always knows how to do it. 43 to 55, that's what we're talking about this morning. the huge range of temperatures. 43 to our north and west. we do have a few clouds out there. a bit of an october chill with a
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few clouds. make sure the kids are bundled up this morning. just a bit as they head to the bus stop. 57 degrees is the current reading. reagan national with a light wind out of the north. that wind, a dry wind too. 50 degrees right now in leesburg. 47 in martinsburg. 45 degrees in winchester. 46 degrees in waldorf. and down around la plata and st. mary's, even areas like patch river, upper 40s to 51 is degrees. few clouds out there. those have been making their way just off to the north. for your forecast today, 46 to 55. by the noon hour, we'll top out at 70. for the evening, 65 to 68. i'll be back with the four-day forecast in a few. right now first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. i'm watching the roads if you're traveling in virginia. an accident involving an overturned vehicle. this is along vint hill road. please be aware if you're making your commute.
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traveling on i-270 eastbound. we have report of an accident in that area. still seeing delays. i-270, slow from 85 all the way down to clarksburg road. that's where the road opens up and looks pretty good right now as you make your way to rockville. let's head over to d.c., new york avenue at north capitol, starting to get volume but not seeing any accidents in the district. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. 6:02 now. a week ago there was news of joy, and it's now turned to heartbreak. this morning we're waiting to learn just what caused the panda cub from the national zoo to die. megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting preliminary results from the animal autopsy that was performed. they've got a press conference scheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning. again, we're expecting to learn more about exactly what may have killed the cub. just a very, very sad day here at the national zoo. of course, this was very unexpected. so much joy here just a week ago. then over the weekend something
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went terribly wrong, and the cub died on sunday morning. i'm joined by pamela baker with the zoo here. talk a little bit -- first of all, obviously, you're all just devastated. >> this is a big loss. this is devastating. we're in the conservation business. it's life, and it's death, but this is a devastating loss for all of us. >> reporter: do we have any idea of what happened? >> we are very closely looking at all the video. what we know is at about 9:17 mei xiang gave a distress vocalization, a honking, if you will, and that alerted the panda keepers immediately and the volunteers who were watching her on the panda cam. and from there it took about an hour. they watched. they looked for the cub. they looked for motion. they looked for other vocalizations. by the time they were able to retrieve the cub safely -- because she never left the den. they had to do that safely. and the cub was given life resuscitating measures, but they
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could not resuscitate the cub. >> reporter: talk about what's happening here at the zoo now. >> right now mei is on 24-hour watch. she's our primary concern. we need to make sure she's well taken care of. people can watch her if they want on the panda cam. as everyone knows, pandas come into breeding season once a year. we're far from that. a lot of discussion will have to take place. today right now our focus is on mei. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. of course, we're going to continue to l inform the latest developments on this story as it progresses. we're expecting to have more information following that press conference at 10:00 a.m. live at the national zoo, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you, eun. a family is looking for temporary housing after a fire at the 600 block of toby drive in temple hills. the fire broke out around 2:15 this morning. everyone got out okay. firefighters are still trying to
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figure out what caused the fire. mitt romney trying to make up ground in key battleground states. he'll launch a bus tour through ohio and virginia. recent polls show the republican presidential nominee trailing president obama in both states. romney will begin the day in another state in colorado. he'll campaign in pueblo, colorado. romney held this rally yesterday in denver, which will host the first presidential debate next week. this ad starts airing today in ohio. the obama campaign is launching it, and it criticizes mitt romney over his comments about americans who don't pay income tax. the ad suggests romney come clean about the taxes he's paid in the past. it's a clear indication the obama campaign will make his republican opponent's finances a key issue in the coming weeks. today the maryland public service commission will hold a hearing about a policy that allows utility companies to bill customers during the first 24 hours of a power outage. the commission is examining whether utilities should be banned from collecting the money. utilities have previously been allowed to charge customers
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throughout extended out ge ageo. in january the policy was changed to allow charge only during the first 24 hours of the storm but customers complained after the storm that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers for about a week. police investigating a deadly crash. it happened along great seneca highway and lakelands drive about 8:00 that night. a woman was pulled from the crash in critical condition. she later died. her name has not been released. a bitter sweet weekend for baltimore ravens wide receiver torrey smith. he turned in one of his best games as a pro but did so with a heavy heart. smith's younger brother died sunday night while riding his motorcycle in virginia. smith, a former terrapin receiver, decided to play in last night's game against the patriots. he scored two touchdowns and a ravens win. afterward, ravens head coach john harbaugh mar developvelled smith's resolve. >> when torrey said he wanted to
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play, he deserved that. a very special guy. how do you explain that? the lord works in wonderful, mysterious, beautiful ways. >> the ravens had a moment of silence before the game for jones. police are still investigating the crash but say alcohol was not a factor. it's a sour start to the season on the redskins home field. the bengals came to town and proved they were going to be tough to beat from the very beginning. >> he will go deep. he's got green. he's going to go all the way. >> redskins outgunned for the most part in this game, ultimately falling 38-31. after falling behind at the half, the redskins came back to tie the game and came within striking distance. but a last second shot just wasn't meant to be. it was the seventh straight home loss for the skins, who haven't won at that field since the
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second game of the last season. it's just the second game? third game. we've got a full season ahead of us. a developing story in china that could make it harder for you to get the new iphone 5. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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on friday, fishermen hooked a huge thresher shark near block island. it tk them 90 minutes to control the shark and harpoon it. let it go. 90 minutes? come on. this thing weighed in at 568
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pounds. it's more than 14 feet long. these anglers are trying to figure out if this fish set any records. don't know what they'll do with it afterwards. i don't know if i'd put that much effort. 90 minutes? >> after an hour, don't you think, i can't let it go. >> the more time you go, the less you can exert that amount of energy. the shark could come around. >> let's check the forecast with invento veronica johnson, telling us about cooler temperatures. it came in on sunday, but a lot of folks got a chance to sleep through the chill before it warmed up. right now 70 degrees in georgetown, foggy bottom, smithsburg and hagerstown at 55. and then 60 by noontime today, topping out at a high today of 70 degrees. your four day forecast coming up. right now, first 4 traffic. checking on the situation on i-70 at i-270.
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had a crash there. it's out of the roadway. also gone, chopper just checked on this one. greenwich road at vint hill road, out of the roadway. chopper headed over to i-66. as you make your way eastbound from business, 234 business, you are slow. delays continue to centerville road. right now not seeing any accidents on i-66. just delays eastbound. aaron and eun? the incident involving a flight attendant's carry on that angered a number of passengers. no matter the season,
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i still get dry skin.
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introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond. a developing story in china. the company that makes apple's iphones says it suspended production today following a fight that involved as many as 2,000 employees. fox con says the fight erupted in a dormitory in northern china. workers say the fight started when a security guard hit an employee. 40 people were hurt. fox con says production will resume tomorrow. a flight attendant could face disciplinary action after her gun went off at philadelphia airport. the flight attendant went through security sunday morning. screeners found the gun and called police. when an officer picked up the gun, it fired, hitting a nearby wall. nobody got hurt, but passengers say there's really no excuse for letting that happen in the first place. >> i used to be an airline
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pilot, and i think it's inexcusable. like you can't forget something like that. >> really surprised at the level of irresponsibility, especially for someone who's a member of a flight crew. >> the flight attendant says she forgot she had the gun in her handbag. she did have a permit to carry a firearm but was given a citation for disorderly conduct. an italian man behind bars for impersonating an airline pie the lot. he created a fake identity as a pilot for lufthansa, complete with a facebook page and fake friends. but officials were suspicious because he seemed too young to be a captain. he never actually flew a plane. police are investigating the incident. amy bishop is charged with killing three colleagues and injuring three others at the university of alabama huntsville in 2010. bishop struck a plea deal two weeks ago that will spare her
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the death sentence. she'll spend the rest of her life in prison. firefighters in washington are hoping to make progress today in the battle against several huge wildfires. take a lookhere. forecasters expected lightning or high winds could ignite thu fires over the weekend. that weather never materialized, and that allowed firefighters to contain 30% of one fire that's scorched more than 30,000 acres. 200 nearby homes are still under evacuation orders. two cabins used by the park service have been destroyed in the fire. scientists have completed a major analysis in breast cancer. they analyzed tumors from 200 patients. they say tumors fall into four main classes. one class showed similarity to ovarian cancer, suggesting it might be vulnerable to drugs used on ovarian cancer. the american academy of pediatrics is reaffirming its
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stance that kids should avoid trmpolines. the aap says kids, especially those under the age of 5, are at a greater risk of injury while jumping on them. more than half the injuries result in broken bones and dislocations. although trampoline injuries have decreased in the last decade, there were nearly 30,000 trampoline injuries in the u.s. during 2011 alone. a rise in pedestrian accidents, which many believe are due to texting and walking. teens 14 to 19 made up half of all child pedestrian injuries. experts say there are three golden rules for all pedestrians. follow all the street signs. always put your phone down or in your pocket before you step off the curb, and make eye contact with the driver before you cross the street. today education leaders will focus on successes in classrooms around the country as nbc's education nation week gets into full swing. the goal of the week is to
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improve education for children across the nation. so forums today will focus on things that work well, dual language schools in new york, electronic curriculum classrooms in arizona, and educational games that get students learning. >> by saying, look at these local organizations and companies that have come to wrap around these kids, let's pressure all the foundations we know are out there and the companies we know are out there that are well-funded to walk into this space, spend some money. there's no better investment we can make. >> so why are educational alternatives so important? only about a third of the nation's eighth graders are proficient is science, reading, and math. we'll get teachers involved, students involved to help with the solutions. >> every player possible to make it happen. >> going to take a long time as well. coming up on 6:21 on this monday morning, a chill in the air for a the lot of us heading outside today.
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veronica johnson is in for tom this morning. if you're having trouble waking up this morning, this might help you. readings out there right now, low 40s to mid-50s. a few clouds and at least a light wind. a real october chill at the bus stop with a few clouds. you can see to the north right now, 50 degrees. 45 in gaithersburg. 57 in d.c. 46 degrees currently down in stafford and around st. mary's. sunshine on tap for the afternoon after the clouds pass on through for the early morning. and then for tomorrow we'll go from sunshine to high clouds. we're expecting a little bit of rain come wednesday with the next weather front. that front may allow the rain to continue into early thursday. forecast for today. sunshine, a fall day. 67 to 71. for your evening, 52 to 60 and cooling down fast. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. rain midweek and now for the
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upcoming weekend. if you're taking the red line in bethesda, entrance escalator, here's what's going on. if you're taking the escalator down, those are working. escalators up, not working. you're going to have to take the stairs to exit the bethesda metro station. it is a long walk. they're working on. the marc has a mechanical problem. penn north 400, long delay of 26 minutes. vre is looking good. over to the road, if you're taking the beltway, outer loop already slow. i-95 at new hampshire avenue very sluggish. hitting the brakes in this area. these delays continue to colesville road. not seeing any accidents on the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county. back over to you. honoring the lives of soldiers whose remains were unceremoniusly dumped in a landfill. also ahead, long journey. how a family pet could make
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look at this, folks. this is video out of russia where a truck driver -- look at that. are you kidding me? he was thrown head first from his windshield in a head-on collision, and he it you willy
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landed on his feet. steps away from his truck. you see the accident there. slams in, head on collision. the guy pops out of the windshield and then steps away from the front of the truck after it was swiped by another truck. >> scratches his head. what's going on here? >> leapt out of the cab of the car onto his feet, and nobody got hurt. >> i think the going to be a couple of kas days before it dawns on him, sinks in that that happened. there's another modern miracle to tell you about. >> a dog separated from its owners nearly seven years ago could be reunited with them soon. this is a picture of 7-year-old poodle shorty. he's in a veterinary hospital after escaping his home in north carolina. the vet found out from shorty's microchip he first belonged to a family in louisiana. they became separated in hurricane katrina. he somehow traveled north and 700 miles before his new family took him in.
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once he's healthy enough, he'll be returned to his original owners. >>less always a nice story. >> those microchips are very valuable.
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excitement giving way to sadness at the national zoo following the death, sudden death of a panda cub. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is monday, september 24th, 2012
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the burgundy and gold got outgunned by the bengals. the bengals offense and a struggling redskins defense could not prevent a 38-31 cincinnati win. coming up in 20 minutes, dan hellie will have reaction from players on the disappointing loss. tough game to watch. 6:31 right now. a major cool down in the weather for you this morning. >> storm team 4 veronica johnson is on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> i'm not even going to look at you. something like that, right? is >> no problem whatsoever, eun. you got it out. >> it's the storm 4 team. out here the air is cool, it's crisp. you're going to need a jacket this morning. if not a jacket, get a sweater. that's what i did this morning. the air, it smells fresh. the birds, they're out here singing too. and up above, there's a few scattered clouds right now. so let's head into your neighborhood. damascus, maryland, at 45 degrees. i know. that's low, right? 49 in leesburg, virginia, to our
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south and east at 50. it's 52 in arlington, virginia. where do we go from here? first of all, very nippy, very cool at the bus stop with a big range in temperatures. those clouds will be hanging on until about 10:00 a.m. or so. call it partly cloudy to start. jacket cool for the entire day. 45 to 56 degrees early on. we'll get into the mid-60s, i think, by the noon hour with sunshine, with that october chill. and then by the afternoon, 65 to 68 degrees. sunny and chilly. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes in just ten with your four-day forecast. right now first 4 traffic with danella sealock. >> thanks, veronica. checking the roads right now and a live look from chopper 4, if you're traveling 66 eastbound at 234. just right here, police are on the scene of a multivehicle accident in the area. right inside here. it's on the left shoulder lane. you are seeing some rubber necking delays as you make your commute eastbound on 66. let's start. delays are really from the bypass as you make your way all
6:33 am
the way to about centerville road. that's where the bulk of your delays are. also starting to slow down as you make your way over past fairfax county parkway. i-270, slow here as you make your way southbound at father hurley boulevard. your delays continue all the way to rockville. let's head over to tony tull. he's at the scene of an escalator situation happening at bethesda metro station. tony, what's the deal? >> reporter: good morning to you. they actually have at the bethesda metro station, the downward escalator is out of service. if you usually ride the metro here in bethesda, you know that's one of the longest escalators in the system. you're going to be traveling quite a few steps downstairs. out of the three you see here now, there is one going down. that's the one that's out. the other two, those are coming back up. you can see the maintenance guy over there working. he's going to have to shut down most of the escalators here to get in there, do some diagnostics and figure out what's going on. i just spoke to him about 30 seconds ago before we came on
6:34 am
the air, and he said he's not quite sure. he tried to restart them. that didn't do the trick. so he's going to go down there and try to figure out what's going on. again, the downward escalator at the bethesda metro is out. guys, if your only problem is walking down a couple of steps this morning, you're going to have a good day. we're live in bethesda, tony tull, news 4. >> tony, have they said why they can't reverse one of the other escalators? >> reporter: that's a good call. when the maintenance guy went down to do the diagnostics, he said he's going to have to shut down all of them to figure it out. he's not even sure he can reverse the ones that are here working right now. >> tony tull, thank you. 6:34 now. a clash between a local pastor and a church board members is not over even after a ruling from a maryland appeals court. that court reversed the decision that removed reverend joel peeples from the church of praise. thousands of people followed him when he was kicked out. now church members say they're
6:35 am
making plans to return to the church's landover campus. >> the truth is coming out, and it's very, very clear that pastor joel, as well as these thousands of members that have been displaced rightfully can return to the ministry that their tithes and offerings helped to build. >> jerricho ps aboard, which kicked out peeples released a statement saying the decision does not reverse the church's kur current leadership. the case now goes back to a local court. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon began welcoming leaders yesterday to the united nations. president obama is scheduled to speak to the general assembly tomorrow. pakistan is distancing itself from one government official's reward for killing the maker of the anti-islam film. the leader of the rail ways says he'll give $1,000 to anyone who kills the creator of "innocence
6:36 am
of muslim." the film has sparked violent protests around the world. pakistan has said his remarks do not reflect any official policy. a memorial for hundreds of u.s. service members. an investigation found earlier this year their bodies were dumped at the landfill after being incinerated in dover, delaware. yesterday a bronze plaque to honor the service members was unveiled. it was approved by a grass roots committee last month by king george supervisors, who owns the landfill. evidence of west nile found in annapolis. crews will be spraying for mosquitos in the eastport area after 7:30 p.m. and last into the early morning hours. county officials say residents in the area should stay indoors during the spraying. 6:36 is your time. 55 degrees. should you have to pay when your power goes out? the fight over whether utilities can charge you.
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terrifying moments for this truck driver in brazil. his truck skidded over a guard rail and nearly plummeted into the water. people used a rope to rescue the driver. he was okay. officials had to close the bridge because they were concerned it might collapse. >> coming up on 6:41 on your monday morning. look at the picture behind us. there it is in front of us. a beautiful start to the day.
6:41 am
the sun starting to break through some clouds. veronica johnson is in storm center 4 keeping an eye on the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, aaron and eun. a few scattered clouds out there right now. beautiful shot indeed behind the two of you. look at the numbers. takoma park at 57 degrees, our coolest location. montgomery county and howard county, poolesville, all of that, 45 degrees. ellen dale and fran coney at 50. hyattsville at 51 degrees. here's a look at the breakdown. hour by hour day planner forecast. 56 at 8:00 a.m. partly cloudy, mostly sunny by noontime. getting into the mid-60s. i think we'll top out at a high temperature of 78 degrees. could have rain by late wednesday, probably after the sun sets. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast in just a couple of minutes. right now first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. here's the situation. an earlier malfunction at white flint metro station.
6:42 am
you are seeing delays, and they'll continue on the red line to glen mont. also, the escalator problem. if you're taking the escalators at the metro station bethesda, you are able to go down. they're working down, but you cannot take the escalators back up. so just be aware of that. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thanks, danella. this morning we are hoping to learn more about the heart breaking loss of the new panda cub at the national zoo. the cub was just a week old. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live from the zoo with more on what we might learn today. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you would imagine, just an extremely sad day here at the national zoo. everything seemed to be going so well, and then on sunday things went terribly wrong. the cub died. we're expecting to learn more information about what exactly may have happened here. an animal autopsy was performed, and we're being told at 10:00 this morning they're going to release the preliminary results of that report. we are expecting to learn more perhaps about what happened
6:43 am
here. mei xiang by all accounts was doing a terrific job as a mother. then on sunday, 9:00 a.m., that is the last time that zoo officials heard any kind of noise from the baby cub here. a short time later, 9:17, that's when mei xiang let out a distress call, and zoo officials realized that something was terribly wrong. the zoo staff was able to get in there about an hour later, and they took a look at the cub. unfortunately, the cub was not breathing at that point. they tried to resuscitate the cub but had no success. the big question, of course, is what happened. we're hoping to learn more later on this morning. as for mei xiang, she is still inside the panda house, and she's under constant surveillance. >> right now mei is on 24-hour watch. she's our primary concern. we need to make sure she's very well taken care of. people can watch her, if they want, on the panda cam still, and we have to think about what's next. as everybody knows, pandas come into breeding season once a year.
6:44 am
we're far from that. a lot of discussion will have to take place. today right now, our focus is on mei. >> reporter: and zoo officials say that there were no signs of trauma, no signs of obvious infection, but, again, we are expecting to learn more after that press conference at 10:00 this morning. reporting live from the national zoo, megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, megan. four decades the national zoo has partnered with china in the hopes of breeding the endangered species. the zoo took in its first panda couples in the 1970 ss. ling ling and hsing hsing had four cups but none of them lived. then may xang gave birth to tai shan. he was the only cub to survive. baltimore ravens are
6:45 am
rallying around torrey smith after his brother died in a motorcycle accident. tevin joins crashed his motorcycle while riding in virginia. the former terrapin traveled to virginia to be with his family then decided to play in the game against the patriots. he had a great game, scoring two touchdowns, and helping the ravens win 34-31. afterward, he talked about how it felt playing with such a loss hanging over him. >> you play with a heavy heart. you want to play for that person. my mom and everyone at the family was back at the house. i texted my mom when i got here to the stadium, and that's when i really made the decision i was going to play. she was excited about it. she was like, of course he'd want you to play. >> the ravens had a moment of silence before the game for jones. police are still investigating the crash but say alcohol was not a factor. police in gaithersburg are investigating a deadly crash. the crash happened along the great seneca highway around lakelands area at 8:00. the woman later died. her name has'been released.
6:46 am
firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a house fire in temple hills. firefighters responded to the 6000 block of toby drive around 2:15 this morning. crews were able to control the flames, and everyone got out okay. the family, though, was displaced because of the damage from that fire. mitt romney is in colorado this morning. the republican presidential nominee will hold a rally today in pueblo. he spoke to supporters last night in denver. romney trails in colorado in the latest nbc news/wall street journal/marist poll. later today he'll launch a bus tour through two other battleground states, ohio and virginia. he and president obama both appeared on kw9 60 minutes" last night. romney defended criticism his campaign is vague on many issues. >> if you want to work together with people across the aisle, you lay out your principles and policy, you work together with them, but you don't hand them a complete document and say, here, take this or leave it. leadership is not a take it or leave it thing. we've seen too much of that in washington.
6:47 am
>> romney also clarified controversial comments he's made about americans who pay no federal income tax. he says he wants to help all americans, whether they pay taxes or not. >> president obama is denying republicans' claims that many of his plans to improve the economy have not worked. he told "60 minutes'" steve croft that we're not where we want to be economically, but he's gotten us on the right track. >> what we have done has been effective in improving the situation in every area that we're talking about. when i made a decision to save the auto industry, that saved 1 million jobs. 1 in 8 jobs in ohio is dependent on the auto industry. so we've actually seen success. >> the obama campaign is launching this ad that criticizes mitt romney over his comments on americans who don't pay taxes. the ad suggests romney needs to come clean on taxes he's paid in the past. today the president will be in the new york for the start of the u.n. general assembly.
6:48 am
he'll address the u.n. tomorrow. today the maryland public service commission will hold a hearing about a policy that allows utility companies to bill customers during the first 24 hours of a power outage. the question is whether utilities should be banned from collecting the money. utilities have previously been allowed to charge customers throughout extend the outages. in january the policy was changed to allow it only during the first 24 hours after the storm. but some customers complained after a storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers for about a week. the legal fight between apple and samsung is heading back to court. cnbc's bertha coombs is live with that story and more. bertha, good morning. >> did you see last week as samsung was running the commercials as the iphone 5 was launching? these guys hate each other. the battle continues in the courts, and both sides are unhappy with the $1 billion verdict that found samsung infringed on the technology used in apple's iphones and ipads.
6:49 am
samsung is calling on the judge to amend or actually just toss out the jury's august 24th ruling. apple says samsung's infringement was deliberate and is seeking another $700 million in damages and interest. the two are set to see a federal judge at a december hearing on the 6th of december. meantime, facebook is under the gun again. financial magazine "barron's" remains negative on the stock, saying it's still overpriced at $23 a share. probably worth $15 a share according to barron's. more and more facebook users are using facebook on mobile devices like iphones, and the company is still trying to figure out how to monetize mobile ads. facebook stock down 40% since its ipo priced at $38 back in may, and there's still controversy about how the whole debut was botched. one of those stocks that seems to have a cloud over it.
6:50 am
>> tv's finest were honored in the 64th annual primetime emmy awards. one of the biggest shockers, a modern thriller beat out a '60s drama. >> and the emwmy goes to "homeland." >> showtime's "homeland" broke "mad men's" four-year winning streak as best drama. for the third year in a row, "modern family" won best comedy. it took home awards for best supporting actor and actress. jon cryer, who you just saw, scored the outleading lead actor. and julia louis-dreyfus won best actress for "veep." >> i don't see anything funny about me being vice president of the united states. >> another milestone last night, jon stewart and the rest of "the daily show" took home an emmy for best variety series for a tenth straight year. >> what is this? >> jimmy fallon and stephen
6:51 am
colbert. >> fell know nominees jimmy fallon and stephen colbert tackled him as he made his way down the aisle. folks will get to see the material girl right here in d.c. again tonight. she sang songs from her new album and a few of the old classics last night at the verizon center. show will kick off at 9:00 p.m. metro will be open until 1:00 a.m. to accommodate those crowds. >> veronica johnson with the weather. if we can get through today, wrl, we should be able to get through the rest of the week without the complaints, right? take a look at this. we all like getting something new, especially when it's free. this is our new camera from high a' atop the gaylord national center. you can see the woodrow wilson bridge in the distance. 45 degrees. damascus, maryland, our cool spot. up to the north. montgomery county, howard county too. 48 degrees in leesburg,
6:52 am
virginia. arlington at 52 degrees. lesby, maryland, currently at 52 degrees. your day planner forecast. by the time we get to noontime, it's still going to be chilly. got the jacket on now, getting ready to head out the door, you're probably going to need the jacket for the entire day. 65 degrees at noontime. we'll top out at a high temperature of 70 degrees. i think around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 we'll hold there. and then 66 for 6:00 p.m. once the sun sets, we're going to cool very quickly. high pressure over us again today. we get the sunshine. tomorrow clouds on the increase from sun to a few clouds. then our next weather front here for wednesday, we'll start with sunshine, a mixture of clouds and sunshine, and then rain probably late in the day after the sun sets on wednesday. that may carry into thursday. forecast again for today, getting up to a high of 70
6:53 am
degrees. 52 to 60. there's your rain late. more rain, a soaker this weekend. danella? good news if you're taking the metro. bethesda escalators are working now. let's head over to the roads. traveling on the outer loop of the beltway, jammed. i-95 slow all the way to georgia avenue. no accidents on the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway there. got to show you delays on i-270 because as you make your way from germantown, you are sluggish. those days continue all the way to rockville. still not seeing any accidents. that's good news. on the beltway, heavy at seminary road. delays continue as you cross over the 14th street bridge. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. he'll go deep. he's got green. that's going to be all the way! >> it started early and happened way too often for the redskins to overcome. the bengals racked up 38 points on the burgundy and gold's "d" to ruin rg3's debut. he still had a good game. >> but the failures of the
6:54 am
defense. >> failures of the defense for the second week in a row are the real concern for the team and fans this morning. dan hellie has more on the struggles from fedex field. >> reporter: so despite a valiant effort from robert griffin iii and this young offense, the redskins once again fall short at fedex field. their seventh straight loss. the latest coming yesterday to the cincinnati bengals. 38-31 was the final. and the biggest problem for the skins had to be the defense. this was supposed to be the strength of the team this year. unfortunately, it's been the achilles heel. they gave up far too many points, and the secondary made andy dalton, the bengals quarterback, look like a hall of famer. he's the third straight quarterback against the redskins this year to pass for more than 300 yards. >> this one was disappointing because we really just -- we knew coming into the game we need the to elimination the big plays as a defense, and right off the bat, they had a big play and another long touchdown pass.
6:55 am
we just can't have those happen. those are killers. >> teams are good. offenses are good. it's really just disappointing. we have to win football games. so the offense is doing their part, and luckily, it's week three. we've got a game next week against tampa bay. we need to go out there and correct it and get a fix. >> extremely frustrating defensively. we thought we'd be a better unit. i know we will be, but right now we haven't performed to that level, especially the last two games. offense giving us more than enough points to win those games. >> while the defense is trying to find a way to pin down the opposing offense. redskins coaches just hoping to keep robert griffin iii standing up. skins offensive line gave up six sacks against the cincinnati bengals and 13 hits on rg3. he's not going to stay healthy this season if he continues to take that kind of pounding. from fedex field, dan hellie, news 4 sports. >> and we need rg3 to stay healthy.
6:56 am
this is only the third game. >> we need some wood to knock on around here. >> we have none of that. it's sweater weather for sure today. we start this week with temperatures, highs at about 70 degrees. 82 on wednesday with a little bit of rain coming in late. aaron? >> all right, thank you. that is "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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